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Soundpainting Workshop - April 24th


Where: Studio 2
When: April 25th from 6pm
Price: £7 students / £8 alumni

After two successful CoLab projects and popular demand, we are happy to announce a Soundpainting workshop open to dance and music students and TL alumni.

Soundpainting is a multidisciplinary sign language used to create live compositions with musicians, dancers, actors and visual artists.

Improve your improvisation skills, your ability to create within a group and enjoy composing movement and sound performances in real time. Soundpainting is a fun, exciting way of creating and is open to singers, composers, musicians, dancers and choreographers.

The workshops will begin with the basic sign language used to “conduct” and edit the group's improvisations. We will then continue to compose, improvise and create as group, alternating the
roles of performer and conductor.

The workshop will be led by Zoe Georgallis and William Scott, TL alumni and members of the London Soundpainting Orchestra.

For more information on Soundpainting visit the website below:

For a taste of a Soundpainting performance click on the link below:


"Every time I have come home from a soundpainting workshop I am in such a good mood because of the energetic, positive energy from the group and teachers. It is a great opportunity and a fun way
of challenging your improvisational skills."
- Dancer Laura Roenning Engholm

"I thought Soundpainting was a great way of organising a group improvisation, and keeping ideas flowing with a sense of structure and form. Since there is an element of trust in the end result, as
you are being directed and led on by the Soundpainter, I felt extremely free."
- Composer Michaella Livadiotis .

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