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Zoom Quiz Night

Before the game:
- Please email Eleanor Strutt or Facebook message her with your interest in having a team!
- The max. number of people per team is 6.
- Please make a WhatsApp group including all of your team-mates/your nominated leader and add me to it. Change the name of the group to your Team Name. This is where you'll send me your rolling score throughout the game. I'll send you my number, if you don't have it, when you message with your interest.
- On the night I'll start up a zoom meeting and circulate the details to each WhatsApp Group.
During the Game:
- Please keep your mics off unless you need to talk (wearing headphones is advised but not essential!)
- Send me your answers over WhatsApp as they come - you'll have about 30 seconds to send the answers in. I'll be lenient with late entries/changed entries if they come in before the end of the round.
- At the end of each round, send me your rolling total out of 10 - ie. if you score 8/10 in the first round and 5/10 in the second, your second round total would be 13/20, etc. etc.
I'll be drinking, so feel free to bring alcohol along too...

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 20:00 to 23:30
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