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Countdown to the Summer Ball 2019!

Ian Garside DV8 Two Day Workshop


Two day workshop on the 1-2nd of June
10-2pm each day.
Capacity of 16 people only!

Bio: Ian Garside (UK/ES) discovered contemporary dance through classical theatre. He completed his vocational training at P.A.R.T.S. (BE).
Since 2010 he has performed with the likes of Punchdrunk (Shanghai), Liquid Loft/ Chris Haring (Vienna) & the seminal DV8 Physical Theatre (London).

The workshop:

- Approaches to Partnering -

Driven by my love of dancing with others, and inspired by experiences with revered figures from my own training -Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea (Fighting Monkey), Rasmus Ölme, David Zambrano (Passing Through / Flying Low) to name a few- this workshop will draw on various approaches to partnering work, in order to develop our sensibility of working in (and out of) contact with others.
The day starts with a conditioning practice: physiological training aiming to harness and refine an all-round availability for a multitude of movement potentials. Loud music and lots of sweating, whipping ourselves up to a state of survival instinct.

The workshop will continue with various partnering exercises, tasks and explorations – using improvisation as well as structured form to develop and refine particular skills for approaching our partner/s with curiosity, clarity, freedom and fearlessness.