Puzzle Piece Opera Company

Society Contact: Emily Sloan: Emily.S19

PuzzlePiece Opera is a student-led opera company based at TL, formed in order to provide opportunities and experience both on and off-stage through presenting showcases and condensed versions of well-known operas. Recent performances include a new English adaptation of Mozart’s ‘Der Schauspieldirektor’ and a new jukebox-opera ‘Cinderella’ (both created by current SU President – Eleanor Strutt). Please get in touch if you want to be involved in any capacity: singing, directing, arranging, accompanying…
Due to covid, the plans we have for this year have to be flexible, but all being well, we have some extremely exciting performances in the works. Our first show this academic year will be a ‘Festival’ themed gala to be performed at St Mark’s Church, West London on 7th and 8th December!