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Countdown to the Summer Ball 2019!

Your 2018-19 Team

Sabbatical Officers

Emma Holt - President of Dance

Hello mushy peas! I’m Emma the Dance President of the SU this year. I’m a recent graduate of TL and a current company member of Company of Others. I’m excited to be welcoming new/returning students in September. I’m here to answer any questions you may have about embarking on your next chapter:) please don’t hesitate to contact me on my email - E.holt@trinitylaban.ac.uk Enjoy this year, remain open minded and indulge in what both TL and London have to offer!

Anastasios Michalis - President of Music

Hello everyone! Welcome to Trinity Laban! I’m Tasos (Anastasios Michalis), the new SU President of Music. I am a baritone, Trinity Laban alumnus, having just finished my Master's degree in Voice. Don't hesitate to contact me on A.Michalis@trinitylaban.ac.uk for anything you need. I will be very happy to help. Wishing you all a wonderful year!

Union Officers

Joe Tucker - Music Academic Officer

Hey everyone! My name is Joe Tucker, I am your new Music Academic Officer for the 2018/19 Students' Union. I am in my 3rd year of study at Trinity Laban, playing Classical Tuba. You will also catch me on Friday 14th September playing with my band, Big Smoke Brass, at The Duke, Deptford. Hope to see you all there!! Please feel free to message me on Facebook, or drop me an email - joe.t16@edu.trinitylaban.ac.uk Thanks guys, and I hope to meet as many of you as possible over the coming months!

Eleanor Strutt - Postgraduate Officer

Hello! I'm El, and I'm currently studying for a Masters in Voice with Joan Rodgers. I have been performing for as long as I can remember, taking to the stage at just 13 days old, playing the small but pivotal role of 'Baby Jesus' in my church nativity! I am thrilled to start as the first ever Postgraduate Officer and cannot wait to meet you all during freshers, but especially my fellow PGs at the Cocktail night! Feel free to drop me message on facebook or an email on Eleanor.S16@edu.trinitylaban.ac.uk with any queries you might have!! You can also find out about P.G. specific events and network with your fellow postgrads on our Facebook group.

Peter Nieves - Publicity and Communications Officer

Hi Guys it’s Peter here, your Publicity and Comms officer. I’m in charge of keeping you all up to date with various events and performances throughout the year, if you have any questions feel free to email me at peter.n16@edu.trinitylaban.ac.uk. Don’t forget to follow the Instagram @trinitylabansu and the Twitter @TLSUnews to get some teasers on some of the events during the two weeks, See you guys soon!!

Brendan Mageean - Musical Theatre Officer

Hello! I’m Brendan. I’m a Gemini with a double Capricorn Moon. I’m a third year Musical Theatre student and your Musical Theatre Academic Officer on the SU for the year. Any new students, Musical Theatre or otherwise, with questions about the MT course or life at Trinity Laban please don’t be afraid to message me on here or drop me an email. I know it can all be a bit daunting but you are joining a fantastically supportive family and we can’t wait for you all to arrive in September and join the madness! But for now, enjoy what’s left of the Summer and wear sunscreen! Oh and make sure to follow the TLMT Instagram (@TrinityLabanMT) and Twitter account (@TrinityLabanMT) to stay up to date with all things Musical Theatre! Email: brendan.m16@edu.trinitylaban.ac.uk Facebook: Brendan NigAedhin

Inès Murer - LGBT+ Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Inès Murer and I am a second year Composition student here at Trinity. I’ll also be your SU LGBT+ Officer this year. If any of you have questions about LGBT+ matters or anything else concerning sexuality, life or social life in London, do not be scared to ask away at my email address Ines.M17@edu.trinitylaban.ac.uk or when you see me around the premises, and I’ll try to be as helpful as I can! First year can be intimidating and I want to make sure that, whatever pronouns, gender or sexuality you identify with, you feel safe and welcome here. But for now, hope you enjoy Fresher’s!