Information for Freshers

Hello and welcome to Trinity Laban & to our corner of London south of the Thames!

We hope that you’ll find useful information to kickstart your time at TL here on our website, including:

  • details about the Freshers’ Fortnight!
  • meeting the SU team,
  • advice about staying safe in London,
  • staying in private accommodation? Check the TL guide below,
  • and much more!

Your SU team is here to guide you through this new chapter and help you settle in at Trinity Laban and London. We work closely with the institution all year to help make sure that student needs are met and that your voice is heard!

By enrolling in TL you automatically become a member of TLSU; you are integral to the fabric of the union and can hold us accountable for its smooth running. We always want to know your thoughts, and no matter how small you consider your problem, we are committed to helping you solve it!

TLSU promotes a safe space policy and we will not tolerate discrimination and bullying on the basis of ethnic, racial, social or religious background, sexual orientation or political views.

Keep reading for lots of useful information if you are a new (or old) student, especially if you are new to London or Trinity Laban!

Six things to remember as you head to Trinity Laban

Preparing for university can be stressful, full of extensive shopping lists and checklists, so it’s easy to forget even the simplest of tasks!

One of the UK’s leading academic research companies, Ivory Research (@IvoryResearch), has pulled together its list of the most important things not to forget before embarking on your university adventure. We thought it would be useful to share their finding with you!

Forget plates, duvets and fairy lights, the first thing you should get your head into is your student bank account, because at the end of the day, student finance comes first! Every year banks are competing against each other to offer you the best perks, so it’s difficult to know which one is best for you.

“Choosing a bank account that’s right for you is personal and depends entirely on the kinds of perks you are looking for. Most banks offer incentives such as an interest-free overdraft, so it’s best to do your research and see which is right for you!”

Click here to check where local banks and ATMs in Greenwich are located →

According to universities UK, there are approximately 2.5 millions students enrolled at higher education institutions in the UK, but more than half of them have not signed up to the university GP service! If you’re moving across the country or from further afield, it is important to make sure you’re signed up, just in case!

“GP and A&E services are free to all, including international students, so it’s important to sign up and make the most of the wonderful healthcare our country has to offer. You don’t want to suddenly become unwell and have to delay an appointment while you enrol with the local surgery, so save time and do it straight away!”

Here is a list of some local GPs and Sexual Heath Clinics:

  • Wallace Health Centre @ Creek Road SE8 3BX
  • Burney Street practice @ Greenwich town centre SE10 8EX
  • Deptford surgery @ Deptford SE14 6TJ
  • Morden hill surgery @ Lewisham Road SE13 7NN
  • Blackheath Standard surgery @ Blackheath Royal Standard SE3 7EU
  • Vanbrugh Group practice @ Vanbrugh hill SE10 9GB
  • Waldron sexual health centre @ New Cross SE14 6LD
  • Lewisham hospital @ Lewisham SE13 6LH
  • Queen Elizabeth hospital @ Charlton SE18 4QH

One of the most important things to do before starting the academic year is introducing yourself to any specialist university services you may require. Special needs, scholarships and international student desks have hundreds of students to filter through and each year some people can slip through the cracks.

“You should always talk to registration officers and councillors on the phone or in person before starting a new academic year. All the phone numbers for special service desks can be found on your university’s website. It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself and double check your officer/councillor has all the documents they need for you.”

At Trinity Laban you can get lots of help and support from the Student Services department. This includes counselling and financial advice.

Check out how Student Services can help you here →

Whether you’re staying in student accommodation or renting a house, running a background check on your letting agent/landlord is very important. Unfortunately, it is quite common for letting agents and landlords to charge extortionate fees for extras  you weren’t expecting, so it’s best to check before you go.

“Most landlords/letting agents look after their tenants and are very helpful, but be on the safe side by making sure you have the following:

  • EPCs, EICRs and gas safety certificates
  • How to rent guide
  • Tenant referencing
  • Legal landlord documents: tenancy agreements
  • Legal landlord documents: identification
  • Legal landlord documents: deposits
  • Inventories and mid-term inspections”

Wherever you are in the UK, it’s likely that at some point or another you’re going to rely on public transport. Each city has a different method, from tubes to trams, busses to trains, it’s important to get to know your local area and sign up for any passes you may need.

“Annual and monthly transport passes are the best way to access transportation around your chosen city. Usually paying for a pass instead of daily tickets works out much cheaper over the year, you could be saving up to £150!”

Get 1/3 off train travel with a 16-25 Railcard →

Student Oyster Card information →

The start of an academic year sees thousands of students move to a new city, many of whom will need a part-time job.

“It’s important to remain ahead of the curve and prepare before you go – start your CV early and get applying before you even move, if anything it shows to a potential employer how organised you are! If you need any tips or tricks, head over to our website for how to get started.”

Here’s a great guide to get you started from “Save the Student” →

Staying Safe as a Student

Students are an easy target for many thieves and criminals; this is especially the case in London. So you need to keep your wits about you and be aware about where your possessions are at all times. If you don’t need to bring something with you on a night out, then leave it at home.

Here’s some advice to keep you safe:

Before leaving home ensure all windows and doors are locked

Walk in groups, especially at night, and don't get separated from your friends

Don't carry large amounts of cash, your passport or other valuables unless absolutely necessary

Consider buying a personal alarm and a theftproof backpack.

Don't make your phone too visible - moped thieves are targeting commuters

Keep wallets and phones in your front pockets or somewhere safe that you can see

Keep an eye on your bags and don't leave them out of your sight, unless in an official cloakroom. Ideally keep a bag in a locked locker.

If you get a taxi home make sure it is from a licensed company or it is a registered black cab

Avoid sitting in empty carriages on the tube

Drink responsibly and be aware of your limits

Beware of strangers around your drinks and don't leave them unattended as they could get spiked

Plan your night bus route, or spare taxi money before you go out - phone batteries just ain't what they used to be!

A Useful Information Guide for Students

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Private Accommodation Information (prepared by Trinity Laban)

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