Your Elected 2023-24 Team

Fen Lawrence, President

My Name is Fenella, but I mostly go by Fen. I’ve just graduated from TL with a Bachelors of Music with Honours in performance, as a mezzo soprano. My job at TLSU is to support students, make sure they are well represented, and have access to events, activities and workshops to further their personal as well as their academic interests. Some of the ways I do this is to represent you and your interests in meetings with staff; hold the staff and students to a high standard of behaviour; and maintain the day to day quality of the student experience. I’ve been on the team for over 3 years in multiple different positions and hold the highest amount of TLSU team experience of any president at Trinity Laban Student Union so far. I’m a proud disabled, queer, Neurodivergent individual. Whilst I work hard, and hold myself to a high standard, I don’t take myself too seriously. I spend my spare time listening to music ranging from classical to folk to punk, knitting, Collecting Polly Pocket, and daydreaming about my next tattoo.

I use she/they/him pronouns

Voluntary Officers

Our voluntary officers form the Executive Committee alongside the TLSU President and SU Administrator

Lakeford Howieson, Music Officer

Hi, I’m Lakeford and I’m your Music Officer this year. I’m looking forward to supporting you and your studies. I’m a classical singer entering my final year, and have a passion for English Opera and Oratorio, as well as German Lieder.

I use they/them pronouns

Keith Corprew, Brand and Communications Officer

Hi everyone, my name is Keith and I am the Brand and Communications Officer. I am a 2nd year student in the Master of Fine Arts Creative Practice: Transdisciplinary Programme, and I am excited to serve on your Students Union this year. I look forward to working with this year's team to ensure we each are empowered in our branding and communications efforts so that across the bar you will receive high quality and engaging content from us.

I use he/him pronouns

Voluntary Sub-Team

New for 2023, our Sub-Team are non-elected team members who are there to support our elected officers in achieving their goals. They are not members of the TLSU Executive Committee. They are also our insight into the wider student mindset and give feedback on how you are all getting one!

Nadia Harper, Musical Theatre Sub-Team Representative

I use she/her pronouns

Nathan Stubbings, Sub-Team Representative

I use he/him pronouns

Rebecca Chandler, Sub-Team Representative

I use she/her pronouns

Harry Charles, Sub-Team Representative

I use he/him pronouns