Affiliations (CUKSN & NUS Charity)

The was formed with the support of the CUK Board in 2013 by Student Union Presidents and student representatives of the UK conservatoires.

It was established from a desire to engage with, and inform, the views and decisions of Conservatoires UK, regarding the student voice and sector issues.

CUKSN is committed to working with CUK for the benefit of all Conservatoire students.

CUKSN is inclusive of all conservatoire disciplines and departments, representing the diversity of all the member institutions of CUK and is committed to operate in a fair, democratic, and unbiased way to the benefit of all students studying in conservatoires.

The Student Network engages with its student representatives, student bodies, graduates, staff, and external professional organisations, in order to progress an informed student opinion regarding Conservatoire education and experience.

Alongside the CUK Board, the Student Network and its members are consulted and work with organisations such as Healthy Conservatoires Network, Help Musicians UK, Equity, the National Union of Students, and the Association of European Conservatoires Student Working Group.

In 2017/18, CUKSN joined the ISM’s Free Move Create campaign, which is aiming to secure free movement for musicians post-Brexit.

The Student Network meets four times a year and discusses the creative arts and higher education sectors, as well as sharing best practice and resources for the betterment of conservatoire students.

If you would like any more details on the Student Network, or would like to collaborate and consult with us, please email

Conservatoires UK Student Network Contact Details

List of Other UK Conservatoires in the Network

NUS Charity

TLSU is also affiliated with the NUS Chairty. Whilst TL Students voted to leave the full NUS membership we still give a year contribution to the NUS Charity which gives advice to TLSU on how to effectively run a union. This includes HR, Legal and General Advice.