Starting a New Society

So you want to set up a new society? Great! But what does TLSU Society ratification get you, I hear you asking?

  • Access to resources

    Free printing through the SU for Society needs.

  • Promotion

    A stall at the Freshers’ Fair each year, a space on the TLSU website with information and an the option to be published on the weekly bulletin when needed.

  • Room Bookings priority

    Does what it says on the tin. Need a room? You get priority.

  • Space

    Use of TLSU spaces and bar like the Undercroft and Laban Cottages.

  • Money

    Up to £300 funding per annum.

  • Support

    Support from the President, SU Administrator, Events Officer and the Brand and Communications Officer.

  • Email

    A joint Trinity Laban mailbox for your committee to monitor and use for comms should you want one.

  • Ticketing

    Create and sell tickets and products through the SU website.

  • More

    Need more, or something not covered here? We're all ears!

Sound good, what’s next? Now there are just a few steps to follow before you society is ratified and eligible for TLSU funding. If you have questions at any point in the process we recommend you email us and we’ll be able to help and advise you.

  1. Come up with a great idea for a new society!
  2. Check your eligibility with the eligibility checker below.
  3. Submit and sign a society agreement form.
  4. Email us a completed constitution and list of potential members.
  5. Write a mission statement and devise a logo (get in touch if you need help with a logo).
  6. Wait to hear back from TLSU to see if your application has been successful.

Eligibility Checker Quiz

Starting a Society

If you have an original idea for a new group, then you can apply to start your own! Complete this simple quiz to make sure you comply by TLSU rules for starting a new society,

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