TLSU BY-Election 2023

The Results

Welfare Officer:

Fen Lawrence

Turnout: 66

Matilda Dawes – 40 (60.61%)

Nathan Stubbings – 23 (51.75%)

RON - 3 (4.55%)

Meet the Candidates!

Running for Welfare Officer:

Matilda Dawes

Read their manifesto here!

Nathan Stubbings

Read their manifesto here!

TLSU BY-Election 2023

Got great ideas? Feel like you can make a difference at Trinity Laban?
This is your chance to join the SU
and make real change at our conservatoire!

Watch Election Workshop 1 - What are the Jobs and How do I Campaign?

Watch Election Workshop 1 - What is the SU and why Should I Care?

Election Timeline

Nominations OpenMonday 19th June – 9am
Nominations CloseThursday 26th June – 10pm
Candidate BriefingTuesday 29th June – 8am
Campaigning BeginsTuesday 29th June – 9am
HustingsThursday 29th June – 6pm
Campaigning StopsSaturday 1st July – 10pm
Polls OpenMonday 3rd July – 9am
Polls CloseTuesday 4th July – 9pm
Results CountedWednesday 5th July
Results DeclaredWednesday 5th July – 4pm
Handover Period17th July & 24th July – 4th August

Nominations will close in...


The Positions You Can Run For

  • We’re looking for individuals to come forward and run TLSU for another year. There are 6 positions to run for so that every student at TL is represented and has a voice as best as possible. The winning candidates will form part of the TLSU Executive Committee and hold their positions from August 1st 2023 to July 31st 2024.So let’s get straight into the details!


There are also five Officer which cover the TLSU Executive Team each covering a different element of the SU. Of course everyone can pitch in and come up with great ideas, but it’s good to have an area to focus on that’s all yours. The officer positions are as follows:

  • Dance Officer
  • Welfare Officer

For the Dance officer position, you could think of yourselves as head student reps, or student course leaders. It’s the Dance Officers job to bring together the views of all the students and try and make our education better. Because, let’s be honest, TL don’t always get it right and how can they improve without our feedback?!

We then have the Welfare Officer. Planning will be important for you, but so will sitting on a couch having coffee and talking about problems, signposting students-in-need to help and much more. 

All officer positions are critical to the smooth operation of the SU. You’ll liaise with your fellow students to get feedback on how everything is going and report back to the rest of the TLSU. Together, you’ll make a plan to run events, parties, classes and anything you can think of.

➡️The Sub-Team

Don’t feel like you can commit as much to the SU but still want to be involved? The Sub-Team is perfect for you. The Sub-Team are unelected positions which you can apply for post-election where you can express why you want to help on the SU team and what interests you have and which officer you would like to support. The positions are as follows:

  • Musical Theatre Sub-Team Representative
  • Events Sub-Team Representative
  • Welfare Sub-Team Representative
  • Academic Sub-Team Representative
  • Sub-Team Representative (In the event MT Sub-Team Representative is not applied for)

Here is a recap of all the positions up for election:

➡️TLSU Executive Officers

  • Dance Officer
  • Welfare Officer

➡️TLSU Sub-Team

  • Musical Theatre Sub-Team Representative
  • Events Sub-Team Representative
  • Welfare Sub-Team Representative
  • Academic Sub-Team Representative
  • Sub-Team Representative (In the event MT Sub-Team Representative is not applied for)

Officers are voluntary positions but are eligible for a performance-based honorarium every term. This is £400 for Officer’s and a post performance review honorarium for the Sub-Team.

Send us your Nomination Form

➡️ Sound Good? Get Involved: Run for a Position

Nominations are open from Monday at 9am and you can submit an application and manifesto to run for a position on the SU. Download the Election Pack to read all about the positions in more detail. This pack has a wealth of information including how the elections work and some advise on writing a manifesto.

Once you’re ready – submit your nomination form, a headshot and a manifesto to George Lewis (TLSU Administrator) at

➡️ You’ve got until Monday the 26th June @ 10pm to submit everything and stand for a position in this election!

Late entries may not be accepted, and is at the discretion of the returning officer.


➡️ Want to join the SU team?
➡️ Think you can do a good job?
➡️ Like helping students?
➡️ Think of yourself as a party planner?
➡️ Want to improve TL for everyone?
➡️ Want to earn some money for a year?
➡️ Want to take advantage of SU perks like free printing, cheap drinks, merch, office space?

Submit a nomination and run for a position on the Students’ Union!