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Sabbatical Team Goals

1. Improve Democracy & Participation

  • Better SU inclusion into institutional process, ethos & mindset
  • Take a leading role in the Student Rep. System
  • Form a Student Committee to hold the SU to account
  • Create internal alternative to the NSS

2. Improve Student Experience

  • Provide foundation for more, and diverse, student-run societies
  • Foster better channels of communication from the SU to the students
  • Improve the SU facilities & spaces, including liberating an SU space @ Laurie Grove
  • Develop an “SU PASS” system for delivering extra-curricular classes

3. More Business-like & Self-Sufficient

  • Look into forming a limited company for TLSU
  • Improve the branding, marketing, advertising opportunities & social media
  • Explore new revenue steams
  • Re-invest profit & build-up reserves for future teams

4. Student Development & Awareness

  • More outreach programs
  • RAG Week & Fundraising campaigns for charity
  • Employability conference
  • Liberation weeks
  • Health & Mental Health campaigns
  • FAQs & literature for new students