Community Competition

Brief: “Finding The New Normal”

  • You will be placed into cross-faculty collaborative groups of 4-5 participants by TLSU.
  • You must create a filmed work of no more than 3 minutes in length which must contain elements of music and dance, and fit the brief: ‘The New Normal’.
  • You will be assigned to a collaborative group and you will all be credited as the creators of the work submitted.
  • You may include other Trinity Laban student performers, and perform in other pieces. However, only the creative team will win the prize.
  • You may only submit one entry per collaborative group.

Entries will be submitted via an online portal, details will be given after groups have been determined.

Sign up by Tuesday 6th October at 3pm.

We are not looking for the next Stephen Spielberg! We are more interested in the creativity of the content and the imagination displayed through your projects, than the quality of the filming or editing.


There are loads of tutorials out there (for example on youtube) about how to make good quality films using free software. If you’re really struggling or have any issues don’t forget to reach out to the Audio/Visual team at Trinity Laban.

  • Music:
  • Dance:


  • Winner – £200
  • Two Highly Commended – £75 each

Submission Deadline: 3pm Thursday 5th November