Information for Freshers

This handbook has been designed to provide you with all the useful information you need to kickstart your time at TL, featuring details about the freshers’ fortnight, meeting the SU team and even advice about staying safe in London – this nifty brochure has it all! We, your SU team, will be on hand to guide you through this new chapter and help you settle in. We work closely with the institution all year to help make sure that student needs are met and that your voice is heard! By enrolling in TL you automatically become a member of TLSU; you are integral to the fabric of the union and can hold us accountable for its smooth running. We always want to know your thoughts, and no matter how small you consider your problem, we are committed to helping you solve it!

TLSU promotes a safe space policy and we will not tolerate discrimination and bullying on the basis of ethnic, racial, social or religious background, sexual orientation or political views.

Hello and welcome to Trinity Laban!