Starting a New Society

So you want to set up a new society? Great! But what does TLSU Society ratification get you, I hear you asking?
  • Access to resources – free printing through the SU for Society needs.
  • A stall at the Freshers’ Fair each year.
  • Use of TLSU spaces and bar like the Undercroft and Laban Cottages.
  • Funding support.
  • SU support.
  • A dedicated society page on the TLSU website.
  • A joint Trinity Laban mailbox for your committee to monitor and use for comms.
Sound good, what’s next? Now there are just a few steps to follow before you society is ratified and eligible for TLSU funding.
  1. Come up with a great idea for a new society!
  2. Check your eligibility with the eligibility checker below.
  3. Submit a society application form (green form at the bottom of this page).
  4. Wait to hear back from TLSU to see if your application has been successful or not.

Starting a Society

If you have an original idea for a new group, then you can apply to start your own! Complete this simple quiz to make sure you comply by TLSU rules for starting a new society,

Complete the form below to see results

Student Club/Society Agreement

    This agreement must be completed annually by all Student Clubs and Societies. The following outlines the roles and responsibilities of TLSU and the following club/society:


    The Student Club/Society agrees to:

    • Ensure membership to the group and all events and activities are promoted and accessible to all students at Trinity Laban.
    • Communicate with TLSU on a regular basis, through the Vice President: Events and Societies, reporting the groups successes and difficulties.
    • Ensure committee contact details are kept up to date throughout the year and TLSU are notified of any changes.
    • Be responsible for any personal data you collect from your members and follow all relevant data protection legislation. As the data controller for the data you must never sell, share or insecurely store this data.
    • Ensure that their name does not overlap with any other TLSU society or Trinity Laban Department and if it does, to change it upon request of TLSU.

    TLSU agrees to:

    • Provide support to the group when necessary.
    • Provide annual training to induct and support the group's President and Treasurer.
    • Manage the group's membership data in a secure and confidential manner compliant with data protection best practice.
    • Assist with any room bookings queries and provide access to Student Union spaces.
    • Assist in publicising the group's activities, through social media or communication tools.
    • Provide funding where needed, up to £300, to assist in the delivery of activities.
    • Provide a way for members to join your society, and for you to communicate with them.
    • Membership data will be stored according to the requirements of current data protection legislation and only select committee members will have access.
    • Provide training on data protection.

    Signed by the President/Treasurer of the society:

    Committee Position:

    Member Name:

    Member Email (TL email):

    Signed Date:

    *All fields are mandatory to submit the application.