Find Your Pod

Find Your Pod

For our in-person events you will need to sit and socialise within household and friendship group ‘pods’. These are not the same as your course ‘bubbles!’ We know it can be difficult to meet new people and make friends when you first start uni – and this year it’s going to be even harder with social distancing in place.

We’ve come up with (what we hope) is a fun quiz to help you find a pod to socialise with during our events. Sadly, once a pod is formed you will not be able to change. That means you will be grouped for all of the events that we have planned during Freshers Season 1. Please complete this form so that we can start podding you up! We’re not going to tell you what attributes we use to build your pods, and we won’t be sharing your results – so get ready to start introducing yourself to your pod-mates and making new friends!

It may seem tedious – but we really need you to fill this out, otherwise you might be asked to sit on your own, 2m from anyone and we don’t want that! Once you’ve formed your pod you will be invited to book a pod for our events. If you haven’t pre-booked a pod then you won’t be able to attend… we know it seems like a lot of effort (we agree) but unfortunately it’s something we need to do because of silly old Covid. 

The Find Your Pod Super Quiz!

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