TLSU is a member of the NUS, National Union of Students.

The NUS champion students to shape the future of education – and create a better world. Education is the defining factor in creating a fairer, more prosperous society, and students are the hope for the future of education.

This is students driving change
We promote, defend and extend student rights. We fight discrimination, isolation and injustice through campaigning and targeted action. We harness the collective power of students through collective and democratic representation.

This is making sure students can thrive
We head up a prosperous and sustainable student movement that means we can give practical information on all the issues that matter to students. The TOTUM card saves students money and brings important commercial influence.

This is representing the realities of students’ lives
We bring together evidence-based campaigns and student-led democracy. We represent students’ interests nationally and develop research that influences national policy. We take on all the issues that affect students’ lives now and in future.

We are the National Union of Students.
We know students. We are students. We are 7 million students.

The NUS have a discount card called TOTUM just for students. Get your card and ID online:

Cards can be delivered to the TLSU office for you to pick up.

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