Say No to NUS!

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Petition to leave the NUS UK

This petition is now closed.

End date: Jul 31, 2020

Signatures collected: 170

Signature goal: 150

170 signatures

Signature goal: 150

We, the undersigned, wish to disaffiliate from NUS UK, but keep our membership with NUS Charity. We recognise that if the threshold for 50 signatures is reached there will be a referendum held in September 2020. If we obtain over 150 signatures, this will forgo the need for a referendum and the disaffiliation will be approved.

Latest Signatures
170 Mr Jonny M. Jul 31, 2020
169 Mr Josh K. Jul 30, 2020
168 Mr Sven B. Jul 30, 2020
167 Ms Emma G. Jul 28, 2020
166 Miss Amy W. Jul 27, 2020
165 Ms Georgia C. Jul 27, 2020
164 Miss Grace M. Jul 27, 2020
163 Ms Lea K. Jul 27, 2020
162 Miss Ana W. Jul 26, 2020
161 Mr Andrew H. Jul 26, 2020
160 Ms Johanna B. Jul 26, 2020
159 Mr Daniel F. Jul 25, 2020
158 Mr Theodore . Jul 25, 2020
157 Miss Laura M. Jul 25, 2020
156 Miss Mila F. Jul 24, 2020
155 Mr Alessandro R. Jul 24, 2020
154 Miss Laura M. Jul 24, 2020
153 Miss Charlotte D. Jul 24, 2020
152 Mr Adam M. Jul 24, 2020
151 Miss Emily P. Jul 24, 2020
150 Ms Sasha R. Jul 24, 2020
149 Miss Catherine S. Jul 23, 2020
148 Miss Olivia N. Jul 23, 2020
147 Miss Ashley L. Jul 23, 2020
146 Miss Ruby J. Jul 23, 2020
145 Mr Sam A. Jul 23, 2020
144 Mr Reuben B. Jul 23, 2020
143 Miss Gabrielle C. Jul 23, 2020
142 Mr Mike W. Jul 23, 2020
141 Miss Andrea C. Jul 23, 2020
140 Mr Tom W. Jul 23, 2020
139 Miss Alice U. Jul 23, 2020
138 Miss Leah H. Jul 23, 2020
137 Miss Rose U. Jul 23, 2020
136 Miss Sam C. Jul 23, 2020
135 Mr Chris P. Jul 23, 2020
134 Ms Hannah J. Jul 22, 2020
133 Mr Malachi B. Jul 22, 2020
132 Miss Courtney T. Jul 22, 2020
131 Mr Mitchell D. Jul 22, 2020
130 Ms Melinda Loraine P. Jul 22, 2020
129 Miss Inès M. Jul 22, 2020
128 Mr John S. Jul 22, 2020
127 Ms Peter L. Jul 22, 2020
126 Ms Jessie N. Jul 22, 2020
125 Miss Anjuli M. Jul 22, 2020
124 Ms Imogen B. Jul 22, 2020
123 Ms Rhodri T. Jul 22, 2020
122 Miss Emily E. Jul 22, 2020
121 Ms Yueying H. Jul 22, 2020

What is NUS UK?

“We know students. We are students. We are 7 million students.”

The National Union of Students was formed in 1922 and now has around 600 students’ unions affiliated, accounting for more than 95% of all higher and further education unions in the UK.

NUS UK champion students to shape the future of education – and create a better world. Education is the defining factor in creating a fairer, more prosperous society, and students are the hope for the future of education.

This is students driving change. This is making sure students can thrive. This is representing the realities of students’ lives.

What do we propose?

Disaffiliate from NUS UK, but keep our membership with NUS Charity… Confusing, right?

NUS is divided into two, one part being NUS UK and one part being NUS Charity.

What is NUS UK?

  • Costs 4/5 of our affiliation fee
  • Run the national campaigns
  • Provide unions with the materials to run these campaigns in their own SUs
  • Lobby the government
  • Gives SUs access to NUS Full-time Officers – for advice, SU visits, panels etc.
  • Run NUS Democracy and voting (eg.Voting for their officers, policies andcampaigns)
What is NUS Charity?

  • Run Officer Training for your SU team (that we have to pay for on top of the membership fee)
  • Offer legal briefings and advice (essential for a secure SU)
  • Purchasing Consortium (cheaper merchandise, bar stock, stationary etc.)
  • Offer SU Crisis Support
  • Access to membership admins (SU Development advice) and customer services

  • NUS UK represent 7 million students. They’re an incredibly strong student voice!
  • Throughout history they have run incredible campaigns, lobbying the government incredibly well. Currently the Student Safety Net campaign is being worked on, supporting students during the pandemic.
  • They are now coming out the other side of their financial crisis and have rebuilt the NUS UK system to be effective.
  • It’s important that Conservatoire SUs are part of the NUS UK, otherwise there’ll be nobody there representing our voices.
  • It’s a democracy and we can vote for new officers, campaigns and policies at NUS UK.
  • If we leave, we’ll no longer have access to NUS UK Full time officers, whether that be for advice or for them to visit TL eg. To gain student perspective, to give talks.
  • It feels a little like Brexit… Why leave a bigger, stronger force?
  • Our name will no longer be under any big NUS campaigns, letters to the government etc.
  • They have cut the affiliation fees next year. This year we were lucky to receive a discount of £2150.65 to £1344.23. Next year, our fee would be £1411.

  • A few years ago, NUS went into financial crisis of £3.6 million debt, cutting over half of their staff, including going from 20 full time officers to just 7, with five liberation officers down to just one.
  • Our main benefit of NUS this year, is apparently having a Membership Engagement Executive working closely and regularly with our SU team. This is no longer possible, as all staff in this position have been made redundant.
  • At a National Conference in 2019, NUS spoke outwardly in a derogatory and humiliating way towards Small and Specialist Institutions, offering no further apology or support.
  • Conservatoires UK Student Network are in agreement that NUS UK does not value or support Conservatoire SUs, as they make very little money from us, given we’re so much smaller than university students’ unions.
  • None of NUS’ work takes into account Conservatoire specific issues. It is notable that most of their Officers know very little, if anything at all, about Conservatoires and none of them have pledged to try any harder.
  • On informing NUS we were running this referendum, we were given some quick advice on how to go about it and haven’t heard from them since… if a university suggests the same, NUS make huge efforts to campaign and keep their unions on board, through close contact and press releases.
  • Given we are part of the Conservatoires UK Student Network, our campaigning, national force etc. comes from them, rather than NUS anyway.
  • We’re fortunate that by leaving, there’ll likely be no impact on the work NUS UK do and the changes they make for students nationally. We will still gain the benefits that come from NUS UK Campaigns/lobbying the government etc. despite our name not being under it.
  • We have a tiny SU budget (a small grant from TL to the SU every year) – we don’t want to waste it on NUS UK when we get very little from them. Paying for just NUS charity will only cost us £282.20.

Your SU Executive Committee no longer want to say Yes to NUS, but your voice needs to be heard too.

Did you know…?

Did you know that the reason students do not pay Council Tax is thanks to NUS securing an exemption in 1992?

Or that they negotiated with National Rail in 1974, to produce the Student Railcard (now Young Persons Railcard), leading to discounted travel for millions of students?

Or that they fought for taught postgraduate loans to be introduced for those aged 30 and under in 2014?

Or that they followed this with the #capsoff campaign in 2015, to ensure a taught postgraduate loan is available to those aged over 30 too?

Or that you can get your deposit back from your landlord much more easily due to the NUS Helping put the tenancy deposit scheme in the Housing Bill?