As a part of World Mental Health Awareness Day on Tuesday the 10th of October there will be listening posts set up at KCC and Laban for Students and Staff – look out for them. They don’t talk, try to provide a solution or give advice, they don’t try and fix – they just listen and give the talker their full presence. They are here to reduce the stigma around mental health and get the world listening to each other!

Our esteemed President Luke and VP of Dance Lydia will also be offering free massages in Butlers Bar & Laban Cafe for a donation to the charity ‘Mind’.

Find out more about the World Mental Heath Day initiative at and

We’ve put together some interesting articles related to the mental health of musicians and dancers:

Have a read and tell us what you think. Let’s join the conversion to stop mental health stigma and raise awareness of something that affects 1 in 4 of the population.