Your 2020-21 team

This is your elected union team and staff members. Elected positions start their term on the 1st of August and stay in office for one year.

President and Vice-Presidents

Eleanor Strutt

President – Eleanor Strutt

Contact Eleanor on

Eleanor graduated with a Distinction in her MMus Vocal Performance from Trinity Laban in 2019. She was elected as President of Music 2019-20, and due to a restructuring of TLSU is delighted to have been re-elected as the overall President for 2020-21.

Things I want to achieve this year include:

  • Ensure that the concerns, problems and aspirations of all students are heard.
  • Arrange various events, workshops and classes, as soon as government guidelines allow us to.
  • Get rid of the Trinity / Laban divide. We must create an atmosphere of inclusivity by providing more opportunities for creativity and integration across the faculties.
  • Ensure transparency, wherever possible, in the dealings of the SU; including regular social media updates, maintaining our website as a central point of information about TLSU, publishing our meeting minutes online, and by ensuring regular office hours across all our campuses (these will be virtual for the foreseeable future, but I hope to be able to arrange in person meetings as soon as possible).
  • Engage the student body in environmental goals, to make sure that TL is doing everything it can to lower carbon emissions.
  • Renovate the Bar Downstairs; transforming the space into a lively watering hole for all students to enjoy.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for anything you need. TLSU should always be your first port of call – we are here to help and support you, and can put you in touch with the appropriate staff member for your query. I wish you all the most wonderful year – please make sure that you make the most of what Trinity Laban, TLSU and London have to offer!

When she isn’t working for the SU, Eleanor can be found treading the boards in some capacity or other. She has been performing since the age of 11 days, when she played a small, but significant role in her local church nativity play. Since then she has grown from strength to strength appearing as fairies, schoolboys, schoolgirls, maids, a mole, a tiger, a dragon, a half-bird woman, a waitress and even as Brecht’s gangster parody of Hitler. Eleanor is also very active behind the scenes – directing, choreographing, translating and props-making. Whilst studying at TL, she created and directed a new jukebox opera, Cinderella, and an English adaptation of Mozart’s Der Schauspieldirektor, both for Puzzle Piece Opera. Choreographic work in London includes Legally Blonde (Quay Players), Thoroughly Modern Millie (KCL MMT), Anything Goes (King’s Musical Theatre) and Amahl and the Night Visitors (Trinity Laban).

Peter Fenech

Vice-President of Music – Peter Fenech

Hello there!

I’m Peter, your Vice President of Music this year. I’m a masters student studying viola. You know, the big violin.

I’m honoured to have been elected your VP this year and I hope to meet as many of you as possible.

As your VP I promise to bring the voice of the music students to the forefront of Trinity Laban and make our concerns and suggestions heard by this fantastic institution. I look forward to helping you.

Here are a few goals I’m working towards:

This year I plan on maintaining the strong communications held between students and faculty, whilst amplifying our voice through the student union. I want to encourage more students to suggest repertoire for our performances. Finally I hope to engage all areas of Trinity Laban and peruse the ideas of collaboration between the dance, musical theatre and music faculties, to further achieve the TL ideology of being London’s creative conservatoire.

Contact me on

Lilli Hansen

Vice-President of Dance – Lilli Hansen

Hello, My name is Lilli and I’m your Vice President of Dance. I am a second year Contemporary Dance student, who uses most of my time at the Laban building.

I promise to communicate and work hard on your requests, making you feel welcome and supported during your time at Trinity Laban.

I aim to make it more visible what the SU and the school has to offer, encouraging more people to get involve and get use of the school’s opportunities. I want to show that we are here for you and how we might be able to help you reach your goals.

Please do contact me:

Rhodri Thomas

Vice-President of Events and Societies – Rhodri Thomas

Hey! My name is Rhodri, I’m a 4th year BMus trombone student and I am the Vice President of Events and Societies. My aim for the year is to run weekly and monthly events that involve the whole student body and continue to develop the collaboration between faculties and departments. I am also here to help the running of current societies and set up any new societies. If there are any societies you’d like to start or events you’d like to see during the year, please contact me on

Robert Kendrick

Vice-President of Welfare – Robert James Kendrick

Hi everyone, my name is Robert. I’m a second-year countertenor on the BMus(Hons) Vocal Studies course. I often spend time outside of my studies being with friends, composing, learning languages and travelling.

My current extracurricular project is my opera, The Baritone, which I hope to finish by the end of the first term. My dream is that I’ll be able to have it fully produced and performed at Trinity Laban before I finish my degree.

During my time as Vice President of Welfare, I will be a voice for all students and I’ll make sure no voice is silenced, no matter how small. I will work closely with the BAME, LGBTQ+ and Disabled Students’ officers to make Trinity Laban a better place to study and experience student life. I’ll endeavour to make all the information students need easily accessible and aim to run talks about important topics necessary for student life in London.

If anyone wishes to get in touch or would like to chat about anything that’s concerning them, please feel free to email or call/text me.

Email: | Mobile: 07966 732850. I look forward to meeting you all during the year!

Union Officers

Callum Bruce

Musical Theatre Officer – Callum Bruce

Hey, my name is Callum! I’m a second year BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Performance student.

What is my aim?

This year I am venturing beyond the walls of Laurie Grove to improve the entire student experience. Let’s bring Trinity Laban’s communities together. Our diversity is our strength! I am always looking for suggestions, ideas and thoughts from the entire student body to benefit our experience.

Outside of my studies…

If I’m not at Laurie Grove, I am probably doing some retail therapy or binge watching a series.

How to get in touch?

If you have any queries, proposals or would just like to talk, please get in touch via email

Hannah Littlechild

Postgraduate Officer – Hannah Littlechild

Hi! I’m a violinist in my second year of the MA course at Trinity Laban. I’m originally from Suffolk, and studied a BMus at King’s College London. I represent postgrads across all departments, and my goal is to keep PGs connected throughout the year, not just during Freshers. Feel free to contact me for anything via email –

Saurabh Shivakumar

International Officer – Saurabh Shivakumar

Hey! My name is Saurabh! I’m a second year BMus (Hons) Jazz Performance student, studying guitar.

What is my aim?
My aim is to bring cohesion to our student body and help ease the transition for International students. I hope to represent the international community and bring more prominence to the various cultures and backgrounds our diverse student body has.

Other interests?
When not banging away at the piano or editing random videos and writing music I love my running, football and hitting the pub with friends. A strong user of online shopping and streaming its fair to say theres a 50/50 chance on a given Friday night of me being either tucked into bed or stuck in a ditch outside of Venue.

I am always here for a chat or for any help you could need! My email is

Megan Storer

Disabled Students’ Officer – Megan Storer

My name is Meg Storer and I am a 2nd Year MMus student studying Conducting and Flute. This is my sixth and final year at TL after also studying my BMus here, and I am very much looking forward to being the first ever Disabled Students’ Officer. I have a lot of goals to accomplish this year, but mainly I just want to create an educated, understanding, and nurturing environment for all students. I want to improve various aspects of day to day life studying at TL such as the installing of dyslexia-friendly fonts onto all computers, and ensuring that there are quiet spaces available to all students on all campuses. I promise to always listen to all questions and concerns, and treat each and every issue with the utmost importance.

My email is

Fenella Lawrence

LGBTQ+ Officer – Fenella Lawrence

Fenella is a passionate activist, vocal student, stationary enthusiast, and lover of tea. As a disabled queer person they believe in accessibility and opportunity for all. Their largest goal for the year is to normalise pronoun declaration, and to educate TL about pronouns and their importance in self expression. Fen believes in providing a safe and productive space for all LGBTQ+ students, and providing more opportunities for LGBTQ+ students. Fen can be emailed on

Joyce Tang

BAME Officer – Joyce Tang

Hi everyone, my name is Joyce Tang. I am a second year student studying classical piano at TL. Outside of studying, I usually spend time in nature. I enjoy walking along the riverside and parks, but also enjoy cooking and baking.

During this academic year, I will be the BAME Officer in the SU. Working closely with our minority communities across both faculties!

My goals this year as BAME officer…
I am aiming to the improve the representation of BAME students by organising cultural activities on a regular basis, such as Black History Month and a cultural Christmas event as mentioned in my manifesto.
It is a privilege to be elected as your BAME officer, and I promise I will do all I can to enforce positive changes to our conservatoire!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at any time. Anyone from inside or outside TL is always welcome to contact me. 🙂
Here are my contact details:
WhatsApp: 07956620560