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Election 2020

We’d like to announce the launch of the elections for the new Trinity Laban Students’ Union team from 2020-21. It’s your chance to make a difference! 



Candidate: Eleanor Strutt
Year: Current President of Music
Discipline: Voice

Voter Turnout: 156 (11.97% of eligible students)
Eleanor Strutt: 151 (96.79% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 5 (3.21% of the vote)

Download Manifesto



Vice-President of Music

Candidate: Peter Fenech
Year: BMus 4
Discipline: Viola

Voter Turnout: 156 (11.97% of eligible students)
Peter Fenech: 86 votes (55.13% of the vote)
Jack McSweeney: 16 votes (10.26% of the vote)
Abi O’Neil: 52 votes (33.33% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 2 (1.28% of the vote)

Download Manifesto



Vice-President of Events and Societies

Candidate: Rhodri Thomas
Year: BMus 3
Discipline: Trombone

Voter Turnout: 107 (8.21% of eligible students)
Rhodri Thomas: 100 (93.46% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 7 (6.54% of the vote)

Download Manifesto



Vice-President of Welfare

Candidate: Robert Kendrick
Year: BMus 1
Discipline: Voice

Voter Turnout: 92 (7.06% of eligible students)
Robert Kendrick: 87 (94.57% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 5 (5.43% of the vote)

Download Manifesto



Musical Theatre Officer

Candidate: Callum Bruce
Year: BAMTP 1
Discipline: Musical Theatre

Voter Turnout: 105 (8.06% of eligible students)
Callum Bruce: 85 (80.95% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 20 (19.05% of the vote)

Download Manifesto



Postgraduate Officer

Candidate: Hannah Littlechild
Year: MA 1
Discipline: Violin

Voter turnout: 87 (6.68% of eligible students)
Hannah Littlechild: 83 (95.40% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 4 (4.60% of the vote)

Download Manifesto



International Officer

Candidate: Saurabh Shivakumar
Year: BMus 1
Discipline: Guitar (Jazz)

Voter turnout: 94 (7.21% of eligible students)
Saurabh Shivakumar: 87 (92.55% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 7 (7.45% of the vote)

Download Manifesto



LGBTQ+ Officer

Candidate: Fenella Lawrence
Year: BMus 1
Discipline: Voice

Voter Turnout: 93 (7.14% of eligible students)
Fenella Lawrence: 88 (94.62% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 5 (5.38% of the vote)

Download Manifesto



BAME Officer

Candidate: Joyce Tang
Year: BMus 1
Discipline: Piano

Voter Turnout: 97 (7.44% of eligible students)
Joyce Tang: 91 (93.81% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 6 (6.19% of the vote)

Download Manifesto



Disabled Students’ Officer

Candidate: Megan Storer
Year: BMus 2
Discipline: Voice

Voter Turnout: 108 (8.29% of eligible students)
Megan Storer: 66 (61.11% of the vote)
Libby Welsh: 41 (37.96% of the vote)
Re-Open Nominations: 1 (0.93% of the vote)

Download Manifesto


Roles with no candidate:

  • Vice-President of Dance

If you are interested in this role, please contact us as soon as possible.

Your Candidates

President Eleanor Strutt Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nominations
Vice President of Music Peter Fenech Download Manifesto →
Abigail O’Neill Download Manifesto →
Jack McSweeney Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nominations
Vice President of Events and Societies Rhodri Thomas Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nomination
Vice President of Welfare Robert Kendrick Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nominations
Musical Theatre Officer Callum Bruce Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nominations
Postgraduate Officer Hannah Littlechild Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nominations
International Officer Saurabh Shivakumar Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nominations
LGBTQ+ Officer Fenella Lawrence Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nominations
BAME Officer Joyce Tang Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nominations
Disability Officer Libby Welsh Download Manifesto →
Megan Storer Download Manifesto →
Re-open Nominations

TLSU Elections 2020 - Make a Difference

Election Timeline

Nominations Open Friday 8th May @ 9am
What is the SU and why should I care? (Join the Facebook Event here →) Tues 12th May @ 6pm
What are the jobs and how do I campaign? (Join the Facebook Event here →) Thurs 14th May @ 6pm
Nominations Close Fri 15th May @ 10pm
Campaigning Begins Mon 18th May @ 9am
Hustings (Join the Facebook Event here →) Weds 20th May @ 6pm
Campaigning Stops Mon 25th May @ 10pm
Polls Open Tues 26th May @ 9am
Polls Close Weds 27th May @ 9pm
Results Counted Thurs 28th May
Results Declared Thurs 28th May @ 3pm

Because of the ongoing situation with COVID-19, everything in relation to these elections will be carried out via electronic means. If you need any help with this, please get in touch. The hustings will be carried out via zoom.

All current students are eligible to stand for election and to vote via Moodle. The votes will be counted by Joseph Wengraf, Assistant Registrar (Quality and Governance), who is the Returning Officer for these elections.

President Contactable Hours

If you would like to arrange a video conference or a telephone chat, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to do one!

Eleanor – President of Music

Monday: 10am – 5pm
Tuesday: 10am – 5pm
Wednesday: 10am – 5pm
Thursday: 10am – 5pm
Friday: 10am – 5pm

Monika – President of Dance

Monday: 10am – 5pm
Tuesday: 10am – 5pm
Wednesday: 10am – 5pm
Thursday: 10am – 5pm
Friday: 10am – 5pm


TLSU Elections 2020 - TLSU NEEDS YOU

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Finding Clarity in Performance


Note: This project ran in 2018 and is now archived.

What is it?

TLSU have secured £9,700 of funding from The National Lottery through ‘Awards For All’ to launch a pilot project to support the health and wellbeing of student performers at Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

It will be run by practitioners Nick Bottini and Robin Lockhart. The project aims to help 15 students have an easier relationship with performance through achieving a simpler relationship with their own headspace. Students from every faculty and any year are welcome to apply to join the project. It will involve an initial taster day, three day-long workshops as well as two smaller group sessions and individual support and coaching.

To take part and get you thinking about this project, you can fill in the initial survey here →

When it is?

Launch Event/Taster Day
• 26th April
• 9.30am – 1.30pm
• @ KCC Bar Downstairs
• To get clear on the structure and outcomes for the project. Make sure we hear students’ challenges and goals. Enter into an initial dialogue.

Immersion Days
• 14th & 15th
• 10am – 4pm
• @ South Street Baptist Church

• 16th May
• @ Studio 6, Laban Building

To take part in the project you must be able to attend all these dates.

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Election 2018

Your Candidates:

Vote on Tuesday the 29th of May on Moodle

President of Dance

Candidate: Emma Holt
Year: BA 3
Discipline: Dance

Download Manifesto →

President of Music

Candidate: Anastasios (Tasos) Michalis
Year: MMus 2 
Discipline: Voice

Download Manifesto →

Music Academic Officer

Candidate: Joe Tucker
Year: BMus 2
Discipline: Tuba

Download Manifesto →

MT Academic Officer

Candidate: Brendan Mageean
Year: BAMT 2
Discipline: MT

Download Manifesto →

Postgrad Academic Officer

Candidate: Eleanor Strutt
Year: MMus 2
Discipline: Voice

Download Manifesto →

LGBT+ Officer

Candidate: Inès Murer
Year: BMus 1
Discipline: Composer

Download Manifesto →

Publicity & Comms Officer

Candidate: Peter Nieves
Year: BMus 2
Discipline: Voice

Download Manifesto →

Vote on Tuesday the 29th of May on Moodle

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World Mental Health Day 2017


As a part of World Mental Health Awareness Day on Tuesday the 10th of October there will be listening posts set up at KCC and Laban for Students and Staff – look out for them. They don’t talk, try to provide a solution or give advice, they don’t try and fix – they just listen and give the talker their full presence. They are here to reduce the stigma around mental health and get the world listening to each other!

Our esteemed President Luke and VP of Dance Lydia will also be offering free massages in Butlers Bar & Laban Cafe for a donation to the charity ‘Mind’.

Find out more about the World Mental Heath Day initiative at and

We’ve put together some interesting articles related to the mental health of musicians and dancers:

  • Dance Magazine article ‘Why are we still so bad at addressing dancers mental health’ Link →
  • Help Musicians UK Mental Health Information Link →
  • British Association for Performing Arts Medicine Link →
  • Mental Health Foundation PDF on ‘Fundamental Facts about mental health 2016’ Link →
  • Mind Charity page for World Mental Health Day Link →

Have a read and tell us what you think. Let’s join the conversion to stop mental health stigma and raise awareness of something that affects 1 in 4 of the population.

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The Excel Card (2017)

Please note this is an initiative that has been phased out. The Excel Card is no longer available.

Excel Card

The brand new Excel Card will get you access to 10 SU organised student dance classes that will be varied to meet everybody’s needs. Classes will be held twice a week and the card is valid for one term. Please note, at the moment this scheme is aimed at students on the dance course, and not those on the music course just yet!

Price for students : £25
Price for Alumni: £35

Can be purchased online, by popping into the SU or dropping us an email. For detailed classes schedule join the Facebook group here →

More Information

The Excel Card is a block of 10 classes organised by the TLSU for our students and alumni. A first come first served policy will be followed. Anyone who did notget a place in one class will get prioritised for the next one. The card is valid for one term and it cannot be transferred to the next term.

Completion of all 10 blocks will grant the cardholder a free drink at the Bar Downstairs at KCC, SE10 9JF. The card or offer cannot be exchanged for it’s monetary value. The cardholder agrees with all terms and conditions on purchase.

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Sabbatical Team Goals

1. Improve Democracy & Participation

  • Better SU inclusion into institutional process, ethos & mindset
  • Take a leading role in the Student Rep. System
  • Form a Student Committee to hold the SU to account
  • Create internal alternative to the NSS

2. Improve Student Experience

  • Provide foundation for more, and diverse, student-run societies
  • Foster better channels of communication from the SU to the students
  • Improve the SU facilities & spaces, including liberating an SU space @ Laurie Grove
  • Develop an “SU PASS” system for delivering extra-curricular classes

3. More Business-like & Self-Sufficient

  • Look into forming a limited company for TLSU
  • Improve the branding, marketing, advertising opportunities & social media
  • Explore new revenue steams
  • Re-invest profit & build-up reserves for future teams

4. Student Development & Awareness

  • More outreach programs
  • RAG Week & Fundraising campaigns for charity
  • Employability conference
  • Liberation weeks
  • Health & Mental Health campaigns
  • FAQs & literature for new students